Boards Of Canada, Music Has The Right To Children (Matador)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

Boards Of Canada
Music Has The Right To Children
By: Eric G.

Boards Of Canada is a Scottish duo that creates bucolic aural landscapes with lazy hip-hop beats and icy synthetics. Eerie melodies meander at unconventional intervals, and vocal overlays are interspersed randomly, adding to the glassy atmosphere. The mixture of soothing, vaguely familiar melodies with cut up samples instigates conflicting emotions. This music is very passive and sounds different with every listen, almost like a soundtrack to a futuristic purgatory.

The rhythms are deliberately inconsistent from track to track. Snippets of conversation show signs of life beneath all the technology. It makes you feel like you're watching someone's life through translucent glass- detached yet involved somehow. There is definitely a retro feel throughout the album. Early eighties synth-pop rears its head, especially in "The Color Of Fire" and "Roygbiv", but it in no way sounds dated. Boards Of Canada inspires a complex array of emotions without relying on hackneyed beats or trends, and Music Has The Right To Children delivers an engaging and cerebral atmosphere that makes you listen not dance.

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