Emanate: Various Artists, Emanated (Emanate)

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Emanate: Various Artists
By: Kerry M.

The band listing of this Emanate Records compilation entitled “Emanated” reads like the periodic table of elements or the back of an old medicine bottle, featuring bands with names like Solenoid and Lillianthal and Sybarite. The music contained within, while primarily electronic, is not for fan’s of Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy Slim) or even the Chemical Brothers or Future Sound of London. The biographies these Emanated artists reads like a who’s who citing collaborations/remixes with late 60’s group Silver Apples, Loop Guru, U-ziq, Mark Hosler of Negativland and Spacetime Continuum. With references like that, something tells me there’s a lot more going on in these recordings than the average club goer would perceive (though not to imply that the music is purely ‘experimental” in nature). These nine tracks delve a bit deeper into the realms of electronica, exploring and experimenting with found sound, elements of dub, and the intersection of pop, rock, jazz and electronica.

While not entirely “ground breaking” or “high concept” (see: microstoria, Oval, Cristophe Charles, etc.), these recordings serve to reinforce the fact that there are people out there making music with machines that don’t rely on the four on the floor mentality and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries electronic music or the machines that make it. These Emanate folks are definitely in control of their machines and I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future. (http://www.syncopated.net/emanate)

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