Jeff Mueller, Fold And Perish (Monitor)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

Jeff Mueller
Fold And Perish
By: Eric Greenwood

Jeff Mueller comes from that lineage of bands influenced by the legendary Kentucky band Slint. First there was Rodan, which briefly donned the post-Slint flag before the band disseminated after only one full length, and then Mueller joined June Of 44, whose first LP, Engine Takes To Water, was severely indebted to the long-defunct Louisville quartet. Mueller is also a member of the Shipping News, but this is his first solo album. Mueller recorded the entire record on an analogue 8-track with only one microphone, and it’s a mix of maudlin, acoustic meanderings and lo-fi post-rock much in line with his other bands.

Mueller drones oblivious to pitch over the sparse arrangements in a soft, sing-speak voice that barely scratches the surface. Listening to these songs is like staring at cracks in the walls- when you do it long enough the cracks actually look like they are moving. This album is not exactly a rollicking good time, nor does it operate on any kind of emotional level to make up for the lack of tempo. The opening track, “Formed In Atoms”, is the only hint of light at the end of the tunnel, but after that it’s pretty much a downward spiral. Boring, boring, boring.

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