Love, Execution Style, Nameless (Gleet And Gumma)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

Love, Execution Style
Gleet And Gumma
By: Kerry M.

Tennessee’s Love, Execution Style is back with a new album chock full of their brand of genre hopping sounds. Nameless is apparently the by-product of an experiment in which the band attempted to write and record a song a day for a month. A daunting task for any band, but a great excuse for LES to push their creativity to it’s limits. Weighing in at 26 songs, Nameless includes 20 originals, a few covers (including a Beat Happening cover, and a version of Limeboy’s dotted lines), commissioned music, some remixes and even some catchy jingles thrown in at the end.

Love, Execution Style skillfully weave random styles and genres together to create a sound that is completely their own, in a manner similar to Beck or Cornelius. Flirting with that fine line between pastiche and pop brilliance, the band manages to pull it off more often then not. Think They Might be Giants covering Brian Wilson or Stephen Merritt remixing Guided By Voices assisted by Calvin Johnson.

The 20 plus songs on Nameless are full of beats, catchy loops, organic instruments, synthetic instruments, random noises and orchestral moments. Some of my favorite tracks include the Beastie-esque groove of Brown Sugar and the quirky Kitty Kitty, which features one of my all time favorite samples, in addition to a catchy casio sk1 loop, and lyrics about that strange japanese character “Hello Kitty.” Other stand outs are Playing Piano, and Ghost World.

*Apparently taking a cue from Momus, the band will even record a song for you for $5. Better buy one while their still affordable.

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