Magnetic Fields, I Don’t Believe You 7inch B/w When I’m Not Looking You’re Not There (Merge)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

Magnetic Fields
I Don't Believe You 7inch B/w When I'm Not Looking You're Not There
By: Eric G.

Of all of Stephin Merritt’s projects The Magnetic Fields is his true voice. This seven-inch displays a more adventurous direction for his lonely electronic pop. Merritt pulls out all of his toys for the infectious a-side “I Don’t Believe You.” The song sounds very busy, but his self-proclaimed formula for catchy pop tunes remains in effect: repetition. The chorus is drilled into your head six times, which doesn’t seem enough. Toy pianos and synthetics playing fragments of concurrent melodies weave in and out of the simple chord structure while Merritt’s thick baritone croons lightly above the surface. Despite his claim that he doesn’t play guitar solos, there is a brilliant one about half way through the song reminiscent of New Order circa 1989. “When I’m Not Looking You’re Not There” serves as the b-side, which in this case is a complete misnomer. Seemingly random electronic samples form the structure of the song, which is loose and very experimental for Merritt. The lyrics wallow in familiar territory: insecurity, loneliness, and lost love. If this is any indication of what the next album is going to sound like, you should be very excited.

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