Mojave 3, Out Of Tune (Sire/4ad)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

Mojave 3
Out Of Tune
By: Eric G.

When Creation Records dropped Slowdive in 1995 that pretty much signaled the end of the shoegazer era, which had, in all honesty, far outstayed its welcome. Almost no band lumped in that genre survived: Ride completely fell apart after Going Blank Again, Lush just got awful, and we’re still waiting for a new My Bloody Valentine record, which seems less and less likely every day. Thus, Slowdive leaders Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell went on to form Mojave 3, and put out a debut in 1996. Ask Me Tomorrow was a far cry from Slowdive's surging oceans of guitars and completely abandoned the former band's ethereal charge to pursue a much quieter and simpler sound- a transition I would liken to that of Damon and Naomi after Galaxy 500 called it a day.

Three years later Mojave 3 returns with another dull venture into the land of light acoustic rock, aptly titled, Out Of Tune. Halstead's vocals bog down the mix of breezy guitars and hackneyed organs. This is one of those records that sounds like it's been made a thousand times over and probably much better. The lyrics are particularly offensive as they read like a list of cliches and embarrassing phrases: "there's a lovin' in you that makes me wanna fly" ("Give What You Take"), "I said hey don't you feel alive when the night-time holds ya" ("Some Kinda Angel"). The harmonies between Halstead and Goswell sound forced and out of place. Luckily for Slowdive fans, the name changed before any permanent damage had been done.

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