Pluxus, Fas 2 (Slowball)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

Fas 2
By: Eric Greenwood

Some records just immediately sweep you away to another world, and this is one of them. Pluxus is a Swedish trio that plays dense electronic music with simple, metronomic beats. This is the band’s debut album, having released a cassette and an EP in its two-year existence.

Pluxus creates its textures with a mixture of improvisation and programming. The band uses synthesizers and drum machines, primarily, with the occasional guitar sound. The tones are warm and eerily melodic. All of the songs are instrumental. The music gives off an air of ingenuousness and serenity.

Fas 2 has a very organic feel despite the obvious machinery creating the sounds. “Elektroplux” is a standout track with a haunting, synthetic bass line and innocuous sound effects flittering in the background. “Herr Preset” continues in the same vein with vaguely familiar melodies obfuscated by droplets of noise.

The band plans to release two split EP’s later this year. I can definitely hear similarities to acts like Boards Of Canada and Kraftwerk because of the serenity of the former and the pop tendencies of the latter. Fas 2 is a tough record to take off your stereo. You don’t want it to end.

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