R. Chartier, Direct, Incidental, Consequential (Intransitive)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

R. Chartier
Direct, Incidental, Consequential
By: Kerry M.

A few years back Markus Popp (Oval) and Jan St Werner (Mouse on Mars) got together and released their second album as Microstoria entitled _SND. _SND, with it’s bleeps and hums and drones sounded like the soundtrack to an empty computer lab full of machines communicating in their native language. In his CD “Direct, Incidental, Consequential” R. Chartier has taken the next step by creating the soundtrack to the power outlets the computers are plugged into. The album’s 9 tracks of hums, drones and occasional blips and scrapes create the kind of fragile soundscape one might experience by sitting inside a refrigerator with the door closed. (yes, the light does go out when you close the door.)

While I wouldn’t categorize this disc as “ambient” it definitely fits into the “immersive experience” genre if one exists. Through the use of (very) low frequencies and other tools from the minimalist’s arsenal Chartier has created an aural experience that is almost physically draining. The packaging suggests that the CD be listened to on headphones (for the full effect I suppose). I suggest you listen to this while operating HEAVY machinery.

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