Science Park, Futurama (Obscure-disk)

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Science Park
By: Kerry Mitchell

Futurama, Science Park’s second album mixes Barlow vocals with Merritt-esque rhythms and New Order hooks and melodies. The band is made up of one Mr. Myke Weiskopf, a talented singer/songwriter with great pop sensibilities and an equally impressive ear for composition. Songs such as “Lay You Out in Lavender” and “Truth Will Out” hark back to the kind of early 80’s synth pop that made you dance around your bedroom wildly, while the vocals on songs such as “Boredom and Beauty” prove the comparisons to XTC, Lou Barlow and Elvis Costello are not only valid, but dead on accurate. Additionally, the cover of Stephin Merritt’s Lonely Highway confirms that not only did Weiskopf grow up worshipping the right bands, but that he respects their synth pop / indie rock contemporaries. With such talent and proper influences, there is no doubt that we will definitely be hearing more from this talented kid from Boston, MA. (how can you not expect great things from a band that sings “when the morning comes again in the back of your citroen.”)

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