Six Finger Satellite, Law Of Ruins (Sub Pop)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

Six Finger Satellite
Law Of Ruins
Sub Pop
By: Eric G.

Since the debut EP in 1992 Six Finger Satellite has advanced a formula that mixes elements of Devo, Big Black, Kraftwerk, Joy Division, and Gang of Four among others. The band reached an apex of sorts with 1995’s Severe Exposure, which integrated these elements to the greatest effect. Sharp, squealing guitars, led the onslaught of choppy paranoia as vocalist J. Ryan shrieked his way terrifyingly through “Rabies (Baby’s Got The)” and the brilliant “Simian Fever”- two of that albums finest moments. 1996’s Paranormalized saw the band delve back into the pool of the somewhat directionless, overwrought experimentation of their early days that was neither as jarring nor as effective as Severe Exposure, but still a decent effort. A couple of EP’s and seven inches later the band returns with a double LP, Law Of Ruins, which wedges itself right between the two previous albums. The quick, sonic panic attacks are too few and far between the repetitious drones, snaky bass lines and layers of synthetics. When the rockers kick in, though, the band is in top form as evidenced by the opening track “Race Against Space” and “Bad Aptitude.” Less self-indulgence, more rock ‘n roll.

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