Snowpony, The Slow Motion World Of Snowpony (Radioactive)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

The Slow Motion World Of Snowpony
By: Eric G.

This album sounds exactly like you would expect of a band that features ex-members of Stereolab and My Bloody Valentine not to mention Moonshake. Tight syncopation underscores driving bass lines and carefully placed samples and loops. The bored vocal drone glides slightly above the mix, which is airtight thanks to Tortoise’s John McEntire.

The lyrics are mostly playful and flirtatious (“Easy Way Down”, Love Letters”), but get downright drab on tracks like “Snow White” and “St. Lucy’s Gate.” The samples act inextricably as another instrument to the overall sound with snippets by Sonic Youth, Nick Cave and The Sonics. Katharine Gifford is the songwriter, and her guitar playing is sparse yet highly effective, pairing staccato rhythms against repetitive beats. The production is very dry without sounding stilted.

The hooks are not obvious, but the music stays with you. This album is a huge improvement from “The Little Girls Understand” seven inch from Rough Trade’s singles of the month series two years ago. The band has had time to hone in on crafting pop songs and creating an unique sound that lives up to their former bands on going legacies.

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