Squarepusher, Music Is Rotted One Note (Nothing)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

Music Is Rotted One Note
By: Eric G.

Music Is Rotted One Note bears not a trace of the kinetic drum n' bass for which its creator is known. Tom Jenkinson a/k/a Squarepusher has abandoned his machines in favor of live instruments, which he apparently can expertly play. This record is founded on fretless bass arpeggios and spastic snare work. Jenkinson uses a few samples now and again, but this is fusion jazz a la Chick Corea or, as the cover sticker suggests, mid 70's era Miles Davis.

This is Squarepusher's first release on Trent Reznor's Nothing records, making him label-mates with Marilyn Manson, but there is nothing about this record that suggests any kind of yearning for commercial success. Perhaps, Jenkinson is temporarily distancing himself from electronic music because of its 'flavor of the week status' or just to explore something new. Whatever the reason, Music Is Rotted One Note is an achievement unto itself.

Jenkinson utilizes extreme multi-tracking to create the thick textures on this record. He overlays several bass lines at a time together with keyboards and minor sound effects to counteract the incessant percussion. He fuses elements of funk, 70's art rock, and subversive electronics. Drum n' bass purists and fans of his earlier work might resent the change of scenery, but fans of music will admire and esteem the ambitiousness and astounding execution.

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