The Carter Administration, High On Voting (Self-released)

Posted December 31st, 1998 by admin

The Carter Administration
High On Voting
By: Eric G.

The Carter Administration is a trio from Nashville, Tennessee that plays a fiery brand of ROCK the likes of which you haven’t heard since the dawn of American punk. Insider jokes run through the anti-politically correct lyrics (“How many twats can you differentiate between, baby”), only hinted at in the songs titles: “Don’t You Like My Balls, Ring-A-Ding-Ding”, “Tickle Me Emo”, “Shitmachine.” The guitars are blaring and tight like a fist. Noodly bass lines bring early eighties power pop to mind. The vocals are catchy and sing-songy and somewhat of an afterthought compared to the charging pace. These guys make a noise that will have your head bobbing and your foot stomping while you throw the band some goat.

This is the band’s second release, following Fuck Off…I’m Listening To The Carter Administration, which was similarly filled with cheeky rock anthems. This band has a fuck all sense of humor, which is a welcome slap in the face compared to most of the totally pretentious, bandwagonesque emo that poses as “punk” these days. Just check out the surge of guitars in “Mike, Your Girlfriend Sucks” coupled with the hilarious yet singalong vocals: “Fare thee well, fat girl/your privileged income makes you lazy.” Not many bands could get away with a chorus of “Girls with big tits are coming back in style” (“Hot Sexxx Bikini Contest”), but The Carter Administration pummels through it with vehemence and panache. The songs are short, the guitars are blaring, and the message is clear: The Carter Administration is all about the rock.

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