Charles Atlas, Two More Hours (Star Star Stereo)

Posted November 15th, 1999 by admin

Charles Atlas
Two More Hours
Star Star Stereo
By: Eric G.

The music that comprises this album was created as seven individual improvisational pieces that were then handed over to various remixers for interpretive interference. The result is a lucid forty five minutes of light electronic noodling. Charles Atlas is a trio of sorts led by Chicago-based instrumentalist Charles Wyatt- former guitarist in San Francisco’s Dart. There are several melodic themes that surface throughout this recording that sound like the instrumental bits of a Disintegration-era Cure song. Electronic noises flutter amongst the minor chord arpeggios while almost danceable beats envelope the atmosphere.

Alan Sparhawk of Low handles the remix of “Duluth” and gives it his patented ‘slow’ treatment. It doesn’t seem like he had a lot to work with, though, because the tones are sparse like a distant tape loop, and it drones on for almost nine minutes, gradually getting louder but never really reaching the surface. Definitely not for the dancefloor. This record gets weirder as it progresses- “The I S A N Municipal Sculptur E Mix” is as strange and off-kilter as its title with a detached female voice reciting strange code while a looped xylophone repeats ad infinitum.

“Stasis And Fingernails” is a deliberate change of pace and starts off with a stark piano line playing against an acoustic guitar. Static seeps its way into the mix slowly, but for the most part the song is devoid of any electronic tampering. Two More Hours is a difficult album to get a handle on. The music hardly demands attention with its gray tones, but it still manages to lure you in.

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