Club 8, Missing You: The Remixes Ep (March)

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Club 8
Missing You: The Remixes Ep
By: Eric G.

Swedish dance pop outfit Club 8 returns with an EP to fill the time between albums, showcasing two new mixes of its minor club hit “Missing You.” The band made some new friends in America at its CMJ showcase last year and the resulting tracks feature guest appearances by Junior Varsity KM and Sweet Trip twiddling the knobs. The result is light, stylish pop with breathy twee vocals and a strong dose of analogue synths. The new eurodisco remix of “Missing You” has a sweeping orchestral vibe, and the vocals carry an instantly memorable and hummable chorus.

Some of the non-LP tracks are fairly low-key, focusing on the wispy, shimmery vocals. “My Heart Won’t Break” is a subtle, acoustic bit of light melancholia. Simple, syncopated beats tinker in the background of “The Best Of Seasons”, but the guitar line is pure pop. The EP closes with “The Friend I Once Had”, which is yet another sprightly pop song with lovelorn vocals. I dismissed this EP the first time I heard it as disposable fluff, but I keep coming back for more. The music is innocuous and blithe, but the ‘little girl’ vocals are so unassuming and sincere that it’s hard to ignore.

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