Subdebs Interview, Nine Questions With Olympia, Washington’s Subdebs! (K Recording Artists)

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Subdebs Interview
Nine Questions With Olympia, Washington's Subdebs!
K Recording Artists
By: Eric G.

Drawer B: How did you hook up with your bandmates?

Subdebs: Well, Star and I met at one of her solo shows in Olympia. My newly acquired friend Stella Marrs introduced me to her, cause I was new in town…

Drawer B: What’s the scene like in Olympia these days compared to the indie rock explosion of the early 90’s?

Subdebs: Olympia is always full of great, great people doing amazing things; the people are all supportive of each other, for the most part. There are always shows and benefits, good movies, and stuff to do. Basically, people HAVE to make up fun things to do or else there wouldn’t be anything to do! It’s a very special place. Tee hee.

Drawer B: Is the scene still very incestuous because back then everyone seemed to be in at least two bands?

Subdebs: Well, I mean, it is such a small town- everyone knows everyone else. People are nosy too, sometimes, so someone might have heard something about you before you ever even did it! As far as music goes, I think people like each other’s music and are friends, and then they want to collaborate on whatever!

Drawer B: What’s a ‘subdeb?’

Subdebs: Well, it depends on how you look at it: bad girls making out in the backseat of a car (by the way do you know of any smart, funny, creative single guys looking to makeout with a nerdy girl?) or an aspiring debutante of old. I prefer number one. (Again do you know of any…?)

Drawer B: You have a very skeletal punk sound. Who are some of your musical influences?

Subdebs: My musical influences are like Nirvana, Beat Happening, the Beatles, Bikini Kill, Cub, Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, Beethoven, Halo Benders, Velvet Underground and Leonard Cohen, oh yeah, and a hella John Coltrane. I grew up in a very musical family.

Drawer B: How was the tour supporting Sleater-Kinney last spring? Did audiences react well?

Subdebs: That was heaven! The people were UBER supportive, the girls kicked butt, and I got to play for my parents in my hometown of SF at the Great American Music Hall…that was the best ever.

Drawer B: What have you been listening to lately?

Subdebs: I have been listening to Method Man, the Microphones, John Coltrane, and hmmm…what else? Still a lot of Nirvana. I can’t get over them!!

Drawer B: Would you describe the Subdebs as a party band or do you have an ‘agenda?’

Subdebs: Hmm…I never thought of an agenda. I’d like people to dance. I like to play shows. I like to network with people. It’s an honor and a privilege to put out a record and meet new and interesting people.

Drawer B: Your album rocks. What’s the secret?

Subdebs: Wow, thanks sooo much! Umm, the secret? Har har…I don’t think there is one. I guess mostly I heart music. That’s the secret I guess…

*(Interview conducted via e-mail with Brooke of the Olympia, Washington punk rock trio the Subdebs. Other than formatting, all answers are exactly as stated).

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