Sunday’s Best, Sons Of The Second String 7inch (Market Participant)

Posted February 15th, 2000 by admin

Sunday's Best
Sons Of The Second String 7inch
Market Participant
By: Eric G.

Sunday's Best is a quartet from Los Angeles, playing a tight brand of power pop with one foot in punk and the other in a weird Built To Spill sort of melodic rock. The band flaunts its harmonies shamelessly over muted guitars and crisp percussion. The hooks are undeniable, but the recording sounds distant and thin. The title track has a mid-eighties jangly pop feel, but the chorus reveals a definitive octave power chord progression that clearly indicates a punk background. The band's name and the reference to God's grace saving the day suggest that this might be some sort of Christian pop punk, but it is done tastefully without any hint of preaching or moral deference.

"Winter-owned" contains yet another infectious chorus with slightly abrasive guitars. Another religious reference with the repetition of the lyric "angels in the snow" adds more fuel to the argument that Sunday's Best is at least fascinated with if not motivated by spiritual endeavors. "First Instinct Is To lie" is a solid instrumental with cloying guitars that race between muted bursts and languid breakdowns. Sunday's Best has a slight edge over the crowded power pop-punk genre with its penchant for memorable riffs and saccharine melodies.

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