Unwound/versus, Split 7inch (Troubleman Unlimited)

Posted March 11th, 2000 by admin

Split 7inch
Troubleman Unlimited
By: Eric G.

After months and months of rumors and pushed back release dates, the highly anticipated split from Unwound and Versus is finally here. Both bands cover songs by the long-defunct and relatively obscure New York City band Flower from its album Concrete Sky. Flower was Richard Baluyut's first band, which lasted less than two years, but made a mark in the post-Mission Of Burma school of euphonious punk.

Unwound has been dormant since the early 1998 release of Challenge For A Civilized Society, and this song barely counts as new material since it was recorded well over a year ago. This ought to tide you over, though, until the next Unwound album, which the band began recording last month and should be out this fall. The band's version of Flower's "Torch Song" is an energetic swirl of splintered guitars and high-end melodic bass, echoing aspects of Mission Of Burma and Sonic Youth.

Versus takes a less aggressive approach on Flower's "All In Doubt" with Fontaine Toups on vocals. The guitars chime lightly, building up to a dark and lovely chorus. Baluyut and Toups compliment each other's voices well in harmony. Shards of feedback and slamming doors color the slightly unnerving background as well. Versus should have an EP out next month on Merge and a new full length out this fall.

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