Paris Texas, Brazilliant! EP (Polyvinyl)

Posted August 14th, 2000 by admin

Paris Texas
Brazilliant! EP
By: Eric G.

Paris Texas' explosively catchy pop punk combines the bubblegum harmonies of UK legends the Buzzcocks with the manic, upbeat energy of Chapel Hill's Superchunk. The dual guitar assault doesn't hurt the band's momentum, but the real key is the infectious songwriting. Scott Sherpe's vocals are melodious but with a bratty punk affectation that sounds British even though the band is from Wisconsin. Every song is brimming with catchy hooks and fiery riffs, especially on "Le Tigre" and "Dress Stress." The music is aggressively melodic- even the quieter parts are fast; it's as if the band is rushing to get to the next noisy guitar outburst.

"Future Scars" surges like angular post-Pere Ubu art punk with a dynamic chorus. "400.000" is the only deviation from the power pop formula, but it works just as well. Sherpe's voice is versatile enough to handle the laid back tone. The guitars mingle in chugging harmonic rhythms in the verse and then buzz sharply in the chorus. The drastic distinction shows how carefully each part is constructed. The band should add new guitar players more often (Nolan Treolo is new on this EP) if it’s going to improve the sound this much. Hopefully, this EP is an indication as to the direction of the band’s next full-length. Paris Texas will undoubtedly whip pop punk fans into a frenzy on its tour this fall, but in the meantime Brazilliant! is more than enough to tide them over until the full-length.

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