Salvo Beta, Abrasive Stuttering (Some Odd Pilot)

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Salvo Beta
Abrasive Stuttering
Some Odd Pilot
By: Eric G.

Salvo Beta enters the instrumental electronic scene on the offensive. His beats are aggressively overdriven and his melodies are sinister. Clearly taking cues from fellow deconstructionists like Mouse On Mars, Salvo Beta's noisy audio show is a pummeling and spastic display of rhythm and texture.

Abrasive Stuttering sounds like the work of an attention-deficient madman (it's actually just a guy named Sean Wolfe, who must have access to some pretty amazing machines). Each track sprays beats like gunfire while ominous sound effects crackle erratically. Moments of clarity do interrupt the barrage of percussion, but they are short-lived before the next onslaught hammers you back in your seat.

Melody plays a subordinate role to the explosive rhythms. The song structures are unorthodox to say the least, but the music is not just a formless display of aggression. Salvo Beta knows how to abuse his loud/soft dynamic to manipulate your ears into falling for the same trick again and again without losing interest. When melody does take center stage, though, it is hypnotic and repetitive.

Salvo Beta lets you see the eye of the storm in “Network”, where everything is calm and serene. Your ears wince at every turn expecting yet another assault, but even after nine minutes of floating in space it never comes. “Clugy” spits and sputters so many simultaneous rhythm tracks that you feel worn out just listening to it much less trying to dance.

This joyous synthesis of rhythm and noise runs circles around your average drum and bass ensemble. Salvo Beta may be new to this game, but he comes with an arsenal of beats and both barrels loaded.

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