The Dropscience, Experimenting With Contrast (Happy Couples Never Last)

Posted October 4th, 2001 by admin

The Dropscience
Experimenting With Contrast
Happy Couples Never Last
By: Eric Greenwood

What a pretentious bunch of nonsense. Uninspiring rock of the "post" kind featuring members of members of"who cares (probably bad emo bands)? Overlong and predictable songs with atrocious vocals that emote over top of watered down, fourth generation Fugazi and June Of 44 with some feedback and noise thrown in just for shits. Formless and hookless. I"ll even go so far as to say that no informed listener would ever listen to this on purpose because anyone that would know enough about the roots of this music would know better than to be suckered into thinking this is good. The type of loathsome git that enjoys listening to people like Tony Conrad play one note for an hour will invariably think this an exceptional work.

It is experimental, I guess, if you consider taking other people"s ideas and smashing them into the ground "experimental." The Dropscience makes it perfectly clear that it missed the points of rock and roll, punk, and every splintering betwixt and between. Self-indulgence of this caliber may indeed woo some insecure college freshmen whose musical ears are not yet in tune, but for even a half-witted, half-way informed listener this album will do nothing but elicit anger as well as embarrassment for all the "musicians" involved. On a positive note- the cover art is remarkably well done with translucent paper and a clear-yellow jewel case. I expect one-day the band will appreciate the irony.

I won"t even go into how absurdly overwrought and gaudy the lyrics are, but let me make sure that you understand how very bad " unlistenable even – the vocals are just in case some of the "math rock changes" inveigle you in. Have you ever heard Bright Eyes? Well, Conor Oberst sounds like a lark compared to these tuneless freaks. I generally give records several listens before attempting to write about them, but The Dropscience is forcing me to cheat (nineteen minute songs???!!!"who do these guys think they are?). Please don"t feel as though you"re getting a less than informed opinion. I"m pretty confident I"ve got this band figured out: monotonous, clunky, and unoriginal drivel = high art. Feel free to second-guess me and plonk down your hard-earned dollars for this album, but don"t say I didn"t warn you.

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