The Good Life, Lovers Need Lawyers (Saddle Creek)

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The Good Life
Lovers Need Lawyers
Saddle Creek
By: Eric Greenwood

The Good Life is Tim Kasher from Cursive's less, abrasive, more emotional (if that's even possible) "other" band. Kasher feels he can't quite express his "softer" side in Cursive (though, I'm not sure how much softer one can get than bearing one's soul, but I guess he means the guitars…). Anyway, this EP is precedes the forthcoming Album Of The Year on Saddle Creek, and shows The Good Life reinvented as a somewhat more straightforward rock band than past incarnations, which centered on synth pop, new wave mimicry. The melancholic self-doubt that plagued early The Good Life releases has been replaced with cynicism and resentment. Kasher has never been one to shy away from revealing all the skeletons in his closet. In fact, that's been the bulk of his charm, and these six songs take perverse pleasure in revealing Kasher's innermost thoughts, warts and all. The noodly "Omaha" is a bewildering opener, as the band has trouble getting its footing, but it quickly hits full stride on "Entertainer", as Kasher's self-flagellation for being a musician makes for earnest rock and roll drama. The energetic "Friction!" could almost pass as a Cursive anthem with its urgent, overcharged guitars, and the lovely "For The Love Of The Song" showcases Kasher's recent proclivity for epic closers. Kasher is easily one of the most underrated songwriters still clawing his way out of emo's malignant pit. Another album like The Ugly Organ, though, and no one will question his might.

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