Batter The Drag, Unfathomable Depths (Self-released)

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Batter The Drag
Unfathomable Depths
By: Eric Greenwood

Batter The Drag's energy is contagious. Each song on this Mesa, Arizona quartet's debut EP, Unfathomable Depths, prickles with dynamism and controlled aggression. The cerebral guitar work serves as the backdrop for Ryan Richardson's husky, guttural voice. Wisely avoiding the trappings of typical emo, Batter The Drag opts instead for the explosive power of bands like Drive Like Jehu with Polvo's level of sophistication. Richardson's anti-whine sounds muscular and sinister, especially when he pushes to the point where it crackles and breaks apart.

The wiry, complicated guitar interplay between Richardson and Jeff Ruoss on the opener, "Bezel", is staggering in the way it makes intricate changes sound so seamless. "Firewater Allergy" is just as potent in its explosiveness. Batter The Drag's dynamic acrobatics impress at every turn. "L" is busting at the seams with arpeggiated post-rock showmanship on the guitar, while the opening basswork on "Douse The Edisons" is equally stylish. Such adept musicianship is rare at this level. Batter The Drag rocks with precision and a testosterone overload. Potential for greatness looms large over this EP.

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