Newgenics, Every Girl In The World 7 Inch (Level Plane)

Posted October 27th, 2004 by admin

Every Girl In The World 7 Inch
Level Plane
By: Eric Greenwood

Newgenics is a Columbia, South Carolina quartet with massive punk and indie rock pedigrees under its belt, as its members hail from such underground diversions as In/Humanity, Guyana Punch Line, Marion, Damn The Sun and Martian Death Lyric. It's first single on Level Plane Records, “Every Girl in the World”, is an inverted blast of sexually charged irony, wherein lead singer Chris Bickel dusts off his singing voice for the first time in forever, leaving that notoriously guttural shriek in the dust. Bassist Craig Keeney drives the song with treble-charged hooks, while drummer Andrew Wallace showcases his penchant for acrobatics over straight beats. The guitars are shrill and sound like space-aged toys behind the propulsive bass tones, as blips of unidentifiable electronics scatter through the cracks. The flipside, “We're the Only Ones,” is a sinister, bass-driven anthem with an unruly, explosive chorus. It sounds like The Clash in the build-up verses, as Bickel deadpans his duplicitous lyrics. Keeney's bass line has a stark and lingering presence. Newgenics takes its cues from an amalgamation of influences, ranging from Devo to Gang of Four to Mission of Burma to the New Romantic Movement heralded by Duran Duran. But don't assume Newgenics to be a part of the current dance-punk trend. The band may borrow from its obvious 80's roots, but it forges its own path with self-deprecating humor, lascivious irony, and an undercurrent of aggression.

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