Dirty On Purpose, Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow EP (Dirty On Purpose)

Posted January 19th, 2005 by admin

Dirty On Purpose
Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow EP
Dirty On Purpose
By: Kerry M.

This Brookyln quintet's catchy lyrics and borderline ethereal vocals poured like honey over shoegazed riffs and shimmering hooks evoke memories of that early '90s sound that propelled so many indie bands into that brief Kendall-approved “120 minutes” limelight. These kids could have been raised by Ivo Watts-Russell and likely went through that all-too-familiar Jesus and Mary Chain phase in High School.

From the Pell Mell-esque instrumental Monument (available for download from their site) to the circa '92 Modern Rock Radio friendly Mind Blindness, Dirty On Purpose shower the listener in a milky haze of nostalgia. Fortunately, Dirty on Purpose manage to keep the reminiscing balanced just enough to prevent coming off as yet another retro act cashing in on aging hipsters’ lamenting the lack of bands like Teenage Fanclub and their ilk. Standouts like Spider Eyes and the aforementioned Mind Blindness wouldn't seem out of place on the proverbial mix tape of yore, but should fit quite nicely on an iPod shuffled between Franz Ferdinand and Husker Du.

Look forward to an eventual full length in the near future as they seem to be playing a ton of well-attended shows in the NY area and are
therefore hopefully filling their recording budget coffers. Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow is currently sold out, but plans are in the works to re-release the popular EP.

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