Joy Zipper, American Whip (Dangerbird)

Posted February 1st, 2005 by admin

Joy Zipper
American Whip
By: Eric Greenwood

Joy Zipper's blissed-out melodies are so lackadaisical and summery that it's hard to imagine real life partner's Vinny Carfiso and Tabitha Tindale ever uttering a cross word to one another. Obviously, hours of Beach Boys records, perhaps, some Jesus and Mary Chain, but mainly loads of drugs went into the making of American Whip, the duo's sophomore record. Kevin Shields even helped out with production, and you know that guy doesn't forget to get high. You can't blame puppy love for this, either, although, it definitely fuels Carfiso's ability to launch "I love you more than a thousand Christmases" out of his emasculated mouth. But don't be fooled by the lazy atmosphere and sometimes-drippy phrasings; Joy Zipper's lyrics are mostly dark and strange, despite the shimmering, upbeat harmonies. Evidence: "going away for a while/pulled back my skin and found a mannequin/if I am straight like a line then I'm dying/climbed up the same tree/my tongue's on the floor/on the cement." File under: wtf.

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