Oasis, Don’t Believe The Truth (Sony)

Posted June 20th, 2005 by admin

Don't Believe The Truth
By: Eric Greenwood

Idiotic album titles aside, the music is even worse (I still can't shake the grammatical fiasco of Standing on the Shoulder of Giants). Mediocre melodies ride atop formulaic songwriting on Don't Believe the Truth, Oasis' latest bombastic trash. Liam Gallagher's voice has even lost its patented sneer. Why this band is still putting out records in 2005 I have no idea. The expiration date had to have been in 1997 when the muddled, ostentatious, and lackluster Be Here Now dropped and quickly bombed. Noel Gallagher's delusional Beatle mimicry has led to adding Ringo's son, Zak Starkey, to the band's fledgling line-up (which features a far under-used Andy Bell of Ride fame). Oasis sounds beyond irrelevant on record and even more desperate in public (despite the mildly hook-ish first single, "Lyla"), as both Noel and Liam have been shooting their mouths off, slagging the new wave of British bands (Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand, among others). It's the sad, last gasp of the brothers moron, trying desperately to deflect their utter irrelevance on those who are directly cutting into their dipping record sales.

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