Tribute to Joni Mitchell featuring Bjork, Prince due April 24th via Nonesuch

Posted March 19th, 2007 by eric

Surely, the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Bjork, Prince, and Elvis Costello will outweigh Sara McLachlan’s and Annie Lennox’s self-important Joni Mitchell interpretations (Mitchell herself despises 99.9% of contemporary female artists that cite her as an influence anyway), but nothing can save the presence of James Taylor’s moniker on that CD. Am I really going to have to purchase a compilation with James Taylor on it? Please, God, let this just come in the mail. I literally fell asleep at a James Taylor concert an ex-girlfriend dragged me to in High School. If only I’d gone through puberty at that point, I would have had the balls to tell her to go fuck herself, instead of suffering through it. Well, sleeping through it. I eventually got my revenge by taking her to see Harry Pussy. Late bloomer.

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