Murder By Death’s In Bocca Al Lupo available on quadruple gatefold 10″ vinyl

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This band knows how to put together some merchandise. When I first saw it in 2003, I was astounded by the selection (especially for a band that, at the time, only had one record under a different name). Everything from pint glasses and shot glasses down to hoodies and patches, you know, for the emo kids. Who would have thought in between bar fights with the devil, they’d have time to be so industrious? 

Staying true to its Capitalist roots, Murder By Death has made it’s third LP, In Bocca Al Lupo, availabe on double 10″ vinyl, and if you order between March 19th and April 7th, you will receive a sticker pack with 2 stickers, a patch, and 4 MBD temporary tattoos. And temporarily flaunting your self-hatred in the form of a tattoo that reads Murder By Death will ultimately make your parents hate you less, too.

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