The Jesus Lizard prepare live DVD for June release

Posted March 28th, 2007 by eric

A vintage 1994 performance by The Jesus Lizard at the Rat in Boston is very exciting, indeed. There are few frontmen as blissfully insane as David Yow. I love how perfectly this Michael Azerrad quote from his book, Our Band Could Be Your Life describes Yow’s vocals: “on the Jesus Lizard albums (Steve) Albini recorded, singer David Yow sounds like a kidnap victim trying to howl through the duct tape over his mouth; the effect is horrific.”

I saw The Jesus Lizard around this time at Rockafellas in Columbia, SC, and Yow took a girl’s shirt off, who was smashed against the stage barrier up front. He put her tiny, pink shirt on his profusely sweating torso and wore it the remainder of the show, while the girl stood there embarrassed with her hands cris-crossed over her bra. When the song was over, Yow leaned out the back door of the club and puked. He wasn’t exactly tidy about cleaning himself up, so there were vomit stains all over this poor girl’s shirt. I’m pretty sure she told him just to go ahead and keep it.

Proof of Yow’s lunacy from ’94 in Dallas at The Orbit Room:

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And the DVD Tracklisting via NME:



‘Destroy Before Reading’


‘Bloody Mary’



‘One Evening’

‘The Associate’

‘Killer Mchann’



‘Fly on the Wall’


5 songs will be tacked on as a bonus from a show at CBGB’s.

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