The slow death of the compact disc makes the indies more powerful

Posted March 28th, 2007 by eric

Tower Records went under because it ripped off customers, overcharging by embarrassing margins that anyone with half a clue knew better than to pay. Most mall record store chains have died similar deaths for similar reasons, but that doesn’t mean the CD is dead. Yet. Slate’s piece today calls the constant CD doomsaying an anomoly, asking “if the CD is dead, why are so many people going into the CD business?” CD’s still make around 7 billion a year, regardless of statistics saying sales are down. So what? Profits are still being made. The coporate conglomerates just have no idea how to deal with the file-sharing induced, constantly shifting business model, so independent retailers are gaining momentum because they can adapt faster and more effectively. CD’s aren’t dead. They’re just not the only choice.     

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