Great bands did exist before Editors, duh

Posted April 5th, 2007 by eric

Those promos on Sirius’ Left of Center that say “great bands existed before (fill in the blank)” annoy the piss out of me. Editors is one of the bands frequently used as an example of an inferred current “great” band. Whatever. And then it’s usually followed up by Fugazi’s “Do You Like Me?”, which is a fine Fugazi song, I guess, but not one I’d use as an argument for why they’re a great band.

In actual Editors news, the band will very likely continue to wallow in Interpol’s sloppy seconds with more doomy, monotone rock on its second LP due in early July. Says leader Tom Smith, “I think its got some of our biggest moments but also some of our most intimate, smallest things we’ve ever done at the same time. So yeah, big songs.” Big and small. Sounds totally awesome.

Pretentious Potential albums titles include: The Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors and End Has A Start.

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