Kicking myself for missing Green Milk from the Planet Orange

Posted April 5th, 2007 by eric

When you see a name like Green Milk from the Planet Orange, it’s typically safe to assume it’s a high school band that doesn’t know any better. But when you learn that said band is from Japan and it’s on Beta-lactum Ring records, then it becomes less cringe-worthy and instantly intriguing, as that label is the home of several legendarily experimental and early industrial artists like Nurse with Wound, Current 93, and Coil. GMFTO certainly doesn’t share the aforementioned artists’ affinity for dark noise, loops, or gothic atmospherics. The fusion of psychedelic rock, early prog, grind-core, garage, and even jam rock makes this band impossible to label but extremely healthy for your ever-expanding musical palette. It’s a one-band free-form radio show.

To assuage my guilt for missing the show, I’ve been mesmerized on YouTube. So, here’s a taste:

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