Sebadoh reunion not for the money?

Posted April 6th, 2007 by eric

Lou Barlow has confessed to NME that, while his participation in the Dinosaur Jr. reunion was partly for the money, “anything I do with Sebadoh is not for the money. I don’t really make money off of Sebadoh.”

Hmm. Ok, but surely all the upcoming Sebadoh reissues are going to make money for someone. “We’re basically just beginning the process of reissuing all of the Sebadoh records, except for the last one which nobody really cares about”, Barlow said.

Why would anyone bother putting them out if no one plans to make any cash? I don’t believe that nonsense for a second. Of course, it’s for the money. At least partly.

The ruinited original trio is in the midst of its first tour in 14 years. The remianing dates:

4/6/07 at Headliners in Louisville

4/7/07 at Exit in Nashville

4/8/07 at Variety Playhouse in GA

4/9/07 at Beta Bar in Tallahassee

4/12/07 at The Social in Orlando

4/13/07 at Walters on Washington in Houston

4/14/07 at Emos in Austin

4/16 at Club Congress in Tucson

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