Fred Durst even further displaced from reality than previously thought

Posted April 13th, 2007 by eric · No Comments

Some times schadenfreude is good. Fred Durst has finally hit the bottom of the pile of white trash he came from, and he doesn’t even know it yet. It might be sad, if Durst weren’t such an opportunistic, fame-hungry blockhead. Rap/rock has gone the way of acid-washed jeans, and everyone knows this except the poster boy for dumbed-down chin strap rock himself:

i miss touring SO FUCKING BAD. the feeling we have on stage as limp bizkit is like no other feeling i have ever had and no other feeling has been so rewarding. wouldn’t that be fantastic? wouldn’t it be a blessing? imagine that me and wes could work things out together and be a band again, friends again. fucking imagine that!!”

A blessing? What? Um, dude, I’m pretty sure no one cares. Your last Rage Against the Machine rip-off bombed outright. It’s over. You won’t get to fuck any more actresses. Halle Berry won’t star in your videos.  It might be time to let it go. (Via VR post).

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