The top five hottest indie women

Posted April 16th, 2007 by eric

Double Viking has compiled its list of the top five hottest indie women, explaining it thusly: “There’s something about indie chicks that is both endearing and frustrating. They’re endearing because they write honest songs and they strive to progress musically. They’re frustrating because so many of them just don’t try to be attractive. We’ve chosen the 5 women who kick the most ass in both music and hotness.”

The Top 5:

5. Lily Allen

4. Joanna Newsome

3. Annie

2. Jenny Lewis

1. Katrina Kerns

While this is completely ridiculous and arbitrary, I’ve got to say it’s crazy not to have Cat Power up there. And, if you’re wondering who Katrina Kerns is, she’s a member of Sufjan Stevens’ Illinoisemakers. She sings back-up and plays xylaphone, and, no, she is not unattractive.

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