Dave Navarro’s career swirls slowly down shitter

Posted April 26th, 2007 by eric

Not that Jane’s Addiction was ever a bastion of good taste, but at least Dave Navarro had a forum in which to play guitar with a band that didn’t completely suck (on its first two and a half records, anyway). Ever since his brief stint in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, though, Navarro has fancied himself a “celebrity” in the worst possible sense of the term, wearing embarrassing outfits, marrying talentless former Prince protegees, and scrawling cryptic lipstick messages on dressing room mirrors.

The half-cocked Jane’s Addiction reunions notwithstanding, Navarro has become a complete fame-whore, hitting rock bottom by participating in CBS’s pitifully rocked-up version of American Idol, the Rock Star series. It’s bad enough that Navarro agreed to whore out what little celebrity status he still retains, but to feign sincerity throughout the process of picking a singer for an embarrassingly way-past-its-expiration-date version of INXS, not to mention anything to do with scum like Tommy Lee, was just too much to bear.

And just when you thought he couldn’t slither any further into the C-list cesspool of utter desperation, Navarro has signed up to host an online chat show for ManiaTV. Well played, Navarro.

Well, now that Jane’s Addiction has been bled dry, there’s always The Panic Channel and all 8,000 of the sad sacks who purchased that aural disaster.

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