Beastie Boys pass on ‘Thick Like Beyonce’s Leg’ for new album title

Posted May 1st, 2007 by eric

The Beastie Boys are set to follow up To the 5 Boroughs with a sample-free album called The Mix-Up, foregoing the use of the far more amusing ‘Thick Like Beyonce’s Leg’ because as Mike D told XFM recently, “she’s probably stronger than we are… We didn’t want to have any problems with her.” Not to mention the wrath of her boyfriend, Jay-Z.

Playing all the instruments themselves is nothing new for the Beastie Boys, but they’v never released a studio album’s worth of organic material. But Mike D promises, “there’s a lot of different styles of music. It might seem kinda out there if you’re not that up on what we’re doing and have just casually checked out a little bit of this and this, but if you’ve followed our albums you’re gonna be well prepared.”

The Mix-Up is due out next month via Capitol. Meanwhile, the group is on board for the Live Earth concert at London’s Wembley Arena on July 7th.

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