Actress Martha Plimpton interviews Feist

Posted May 2nd, 2007 by eric

Former Goonie and current star of Tom Stoppard’s “The Coast of Utopia”, actress Martha Plimpton is an admitted “phillistine and an ignoramus with an irrational aversion to reading liner notes”, but she took some time out recently to interview current indie ‘It’ girl, Feist, for MTV News.

Feist’s response to an admittedly “ludicrous” question of Plimpton’s regarding musical maturation: “I remember, I don’t even know how old I was, but the day it dawned on me that being in the fog of angst … it was just getting boring.” She smiles. “Straight up: ‘This isn’t any fun. This isn’t interesting.’ And it was kind of, ‘OK, I’m going to reach up, grab the doorknob, open the door, and I’m out of here.’ I feel like The Reminder is a lot of firsts for me. That’s what’s great about it. Everything should feel like a first.”

Feist’s The Reminder came out Tuesday on Cherry Tree/Interscope.

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