Eff Ambien, Pearl Jam readies superior sleeping aid

Posted May 3rd, 2007 by eric

What’s the fastest way to bore yourself into a stupor? Listening to a seven-disc set of live Pearl Jam, obvs. I almost fell asleep just typing that. Yes, for some ungodly reason, Pearl Jam is unleashing 76 songs worth of live material on its poor fans, whoever they may be these days. Honestly, who is going to buy this? Please step forward and take your lashing like the social deviant that you are. Hasn’t Pearl Jam already flooded the market with countless, pointless live recordings? If you are an absolute glutton for politically correct emotionally sincere post-grunge, then Live at The Gorge 05/06 will be released on June 26th. You’d think the date in the title would alert these guys as to the fact that it’s about 14 years past anyone cares.


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