Lily Allen prepares to launch fashion line

Posted May 7th, 2007 by eric

Following in the footsteps of, uhh, formidable talents like Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani, UK pop star Lily Allen is preparing her own limited fashion line. The Lily Loves range will feature “six edgy dresses and some accessories and footwear.” Allen’s style has been dubbed “chavvy chic”, the definition of which I am unaware; however, I do know she fancies wearing prom-like dresses with over sized trainers. Commenting on her forthcoming ready to wear set, Allen said, “I just feel comfortable in dresses. They cover up all the bits I don’t like and they’re easy, plus they’re appropriate for almost every occasion.” The sizes run from six to 18, so the girls who ticked “more to love” on their Myspace profiles have some fancy new duds to look forward to.

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