Smashing Pumpkins only half as good as they used to be

Posted May 10th, 2007 by eric

If I were Billy Corgan and staging a hugely-publicized reunion lacking half of my original band members, I’d keep it under wraps for as long as possible, too. But, some news has leaked as to the participants in the Smashing Pumpkins’ “comeback” plan. Predictably, no James Iha. No D’Arcy Wretzky. Not even Melissa Auf Der Maur. Just two people you’ve likely never heard of. Allegedly playing bass is Ginger Reyes of The Halo Friendlies and on guitar is Jeff Schroeder of Lassie Foundation. Whatever. This is pointless to begin with, and I feel sorry for the new recruits getting roped into this nonsense so that Billy Corgan can try to relive his youth and feel relevant again. No original band, no reunion. Anything less is embarrassing and a waste of time, not to mention an insult to fans.

The new album, Zeitgeist, is out July 7, while the band’s “reunited” first show is May 22 in Paris.

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