RETRO: Truman’s Water “All Wet West of Washington” Mp3

Posted May 11th, 2007 by eric

Truman’s Water wreaked havoc on the indie rock scene with its second album, Godspeed the Punchline in 1993. Its brand of noisy, off-kilter, and calamatous indie rock made the British press all wet, heralding a new Pavement, while the band rode smaller waves of acclaim here in the US. Truman’s Water’s on-the-brink randomness probably sounded like a hugely unfunny inside joke to those unaccustomed to the noisier edge of the underground scene, but there was a method to the madness underneath Glenn Galloway’s frenzied guitar spasms. Despite all the ruckus, it was inherently catchy.

Download “All Wet West of Washington.” Originally on Godspeed, this version can be found on the band’s Peel Sessions:

Truman’s Water – “All Wet West of Washington”

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