Damon Albarn trashes Kaiser Chiefs by comparing them to Blur?

Posted May 17th, 2007 by eric

Damon Albarn readily admits to Q Magazine that he’s made two bad records: “The first record [Leisure], which is awful, and The Great Escape, which was messy.” And then he lays into his friends: “The Kaiser Chiefs’ new record sounds a bit like The Great Escape in that it sounds a bit empty. Sometimes records are like that if you try too hard to repeat your success.” I imagine he can get away such a diss because they’re all friends, and the fact that he’s admitting his own faults. Although, I still stand behind The Great Escape, and I even have a soft-spot for Leisure.

Albarn’s one-time nemesis Liam Gallagher has dismissed the Kaiser Chiefs as “a Bad Blur.” Sadly, Gallagher probably doesn’t realize he’s given Blur a back-handed compliment by saying as much.

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