INXS denying reality, forging ahead with Elvis impersonator

Posted May 20th, 2007 by eric · No Comments

INXS is planning to record another album with its gimmicky contest winning lead singer from that embarrassing stint on CBS’ Rock Star: INXS. Since the requisite ‘Michael Hutchence is rolling over in his grave’ sentiments have long passed, it’s sort of becoming troublesome that the band still finds a need to continue beyond the strapped-for-cash desperation of a reality TV cash-in. Raping the corpse of its former lead singer wasn’t quite enough. Now the band has to drag the the raped remains to a town near you. I’m not sure who the band’s target audience is these days. Any fan of the original incarnation with Hutchence in tow surely has to be appalled by the sad grasp for one last shot at fame. Bands are supposed to break up. Rock and roll is a transient game. INXS had its run. This karaoke version of five geezers and a former Elvis impersonator is pathetic.

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