Copeland wants Police to renege on reunion rules

Posted May 23rd, 2007 by eric

Police drummer Stewart Copeland told Billboard that he wants to bend the reunion rules the band agreed upon for its tour, only for its headlining Bonnaroo show. The rules, as I understand them, ban additional musicians and back-up singers, which I applaud. Why Copeland wants to break them for Bonnaroo is a mystery. Does he want some hippie jam festival with 20 “special” guests? Fuck that noise. The Bonnaroo show is the only one I’m abe to see, and I don’t want it all assed up so that Phil Lesh or some hippie fruitcake can jam with the Police.

Now if he means changing up the rehearsed set a bit, I’m all for that. Pull out the obscure shit, like “Fallout” or “Peanuts.”

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