Ryan Adams’ top five hair metal songs

Posted May 30th, 2007 by eric

For a mess of a guy like Ryan Adams, there’s not much left in the shock value vault. But his picks for top five best hair metal tunes are puzzling to say the least. Kix? Yikes. But what do you expect from a certain hangover-induced blog entry on Myspace at the crack of dawn?

From Adams’ Myspace blog:

1. Kix – “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

2. Slaughter – “Fly To The Angels”

3. Dokken – “Dream Warriors” (From the Nightmare on Elm Street III Motion Picture Soundtrack)

4. “Vinne Vincent Invsion [sic] (With Mark Slaughter of Slaughter on Vocals) – “Love Kills”

5. Ozzy Osbourne – “Over The Mountain”

Adams’ 9th record, Easy Tiger, is out June 26.

(via Rolling Stone)

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