Rumors of Courtney Love’s live return

Posted May 31st, 2007 by eric · No Comments

I heard an NPR piece on Courtney Love a few weeks ago. The woman is over 40 and sounds like a stoned piece of used jet-trash when she talks. I know she’s 100% “punk” and everything and talking like a “suit” is unthinkable, but you’d think she’d be able form a cohesive thought without saying “like” 27 times.

The purpose of the piece was to walk us through the making of Love’s new solo album, Nobody’s Daughter, (which, if the rough clips were any indication, is going to need a whole lot of auto-tune and Pro-tools), produced by Linda Perry, the obnoxious dreadlocked fruitcake from 4 Non Blondes fame. But the tone was unintentionally laugh out loud funny. The NPR interviewer, in all seriousness, spoke about Love as though she were, you know, talented and stuff.

Love is rumored to be playing the House of Blues on Sunset in LA tomorrow. If things get desperate enough, maybe she’ll show her crotch.

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