Siouxsie’s first proper solo record due in October

Posted July 18th, 2007 by eric

On October 2, Decca records will release Mantaray, Siouxsie Sioux’s first solo record without any Banshees or Creatures in tow. This would be Siouxsie’s first record of any kind since The Creature’s Hai! in 2003.

Tracklisting for Mantaray:

1. “Into a Swan”

2. “About to Happen”

3. “Here Comes that Day”

4. “Loveless”

5. “If it Doesn’t Kill You”

6. “One Mile Below”

7. “Drone Zone”

8. “Sea of Tranquility”

9. “They Follow You”

10. “Heaven and Alchemy”

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