Korn’s fanbase proves DEVOlution is real!

Posted July 25th, 2007 by eric · No Comments

Slow on the uptake nu-metal fruitcakes, Korn, have a ridiculous trailer on their website, proffering a philosphy Devo cultivated and mastered over 30 years ago that claims that “humans are evolving backwards.” And Devo’s Jerry Casale is none too pleased by the band’s ignorance and lack of respect, writing on Devo’s site: “We denounce this as imposters playing with fire.” No shout out to Devo appears anywhere on Korn’s site or in the trailer. Perhaps, Korn is hoping the thuggish mass of blockheads that buy their albums haven’t heard of Devo. Or, maybe Korn is just that oblivious. Sadly, it’s probably the latter. (via Rolling Stone)

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